Our Story

         Neverland is not so far

It all started when two people met for the first time and instantly felt this connection instantly and fell so deeply in love with each other but unfortunately lived on opposite sides of the world. Having to overcome years of living so far from each other and the struggle of being on the opposite sides of the world, they refused to be kept apart any longer and the rest, as they say, is history. Now married, they still refuse to be apart from each other. They are each other best friend. They refuse to work jobs that would hinder there love for traveling and refused to work apart from each other. That's when they decided to open a business together doing what they are most passionate about: Travelling. We are incredibly lucky we get to own a business that allows us to be together and do the thing we love. We will be constantly updating this site as we continue to explore the world and share our knowledge and tips with you. We hope you find your own fairytale and happily ever after just like we have and join us in getting Lost in Neverland.

Renegades - X Ambassadors
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